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TRID Comment Period Is Open: Ends Oct. 18

CFPB Releases Proposed Changes to TRID

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today released amendments to the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) rule.

ALTA is reviewing the 293 pages of the proposal and will share how the amendments affect the membership. The CFPB had said the proposed changes would correct technical problems, add clarity and  incorporate informal guidance provided by the bureau in webinars into the official staff commentary.

The CFPB also said it does not intend to revisit major policy decisions in this rulemaking. The proposed changes do not correct the inaccurate disclosure of title insurance premiums. You can read ALTA’s statement here.

ALTA has encouraged the bureau to show actual figures for title insurance costs to the consumer on the Closing Disclosure, to prevent lenders from shifting liability for disclosure mistakes and to use the rulemaking period to provide more formal guidance about how to comply with the rule.

The CFPB will accept comments to the proposed amendments until Oct. 18, 2016. Please share your thoughts on the proposed changes with ALTA at TRID@alta.org. ALTA encourages its members to submit their official comments to the CFPB by utilizing the Title Action Network (TAN) email system.

The Title Action Network (TAN) has developed FOUR EASY STEPS to ensure you understand the proposed changes and can help us tell the CFPB to fix the problems with TRID over the next 60 days:

  • ENGAGE: Learn more about the proposed changes by clicking here. Be sure to open our TAN emails to receive timely information on TRID and the comment period.
  • COMMENT: Soon the comment period will be open at Regulations.gov (the government website design to collect regulatory comments). TAN has streamlined the process to work like any other TAN call to action with just a few easy clicks!
  • RECRUIT: Ask all of your staff and industry colleagues to join TAN now so they also have the most up- to-date information. Our voice must be stronger than ever to ensure the CFPB makes the appropriate changes to TRID! TAN is 100% free, doesn’t clog your inbox and is open to all in the land title industry.
  • ACTIVATE: Sign up for text alerts to easily take action from anywhere using your phone by clicking here. (If you’ve previously signed up for text alerts you do not need to do so again).


Stay tuned to an action alert from the Title Action Network (TAN) and let the CFPB know how the inaccurate disclosure of title fees is causing consumer confusion at the closing table. Not a TAN member? Click here to join today. It’s 100% free, doesn’t clog your inbox and is open to everyone in the land title insurance industry.